Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My new blog home

I have moved my blog. Come visit me at my new site http://jackieinpdx.com/
I purchased my domain name for a $15 annual fee. WordPress is a much more versatile than Blogger. I liked Blogger as it was easy to get me started blogging but I wanted to include multiple pages and have more options.
My Blog is and will be for a while a work in progress. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Breakfast at Casa de Tamales in Milwaukie, OR

Saturday after my hair appointment I decided to go out and have a late breakfast. I wasn’t sure which of my two favorite breakfast restaurants in downtown Milwaukie I wanted to eat at. They are both very good but totally different styles. I found a parking place in the same block as Casa de Tamales so that was where I ate breakfast. If there hadn’t been a close parking spot I would have driven a few blocks away to eat at Sully’s. Sully’s is red potatoes, fancy omelets with a special every weekend of fresh crab or shrimp, great corned beef hash, homemade strawberry jam, and really good bacon. Compare that to Casa de Tamales menu with a large variety of tamales, burritos, huevos rancheros, Spanish Omelet, chiliquil and other good Mexican foods. At Casa de Tamales I can order my meal using my poquito Spanish speaking skills.
Casa de Tamales has only been open about one year. I used to occasionally eat at their Canby Asparagus Farm booth at the Sunday farmer’s market. For many years they only sold their asparagus which is some kind of hybrid that has a hint of a pea taste to it. I once saw an episode on the Food Network that featured the farm and their deep fried asparagus recipe. Then they branched out and included all kinds of produce grown on their farm. A few years ago they began making food and every year the food menu grew until they finally realized that there were enough repeat customers that opening a restaurant would be a good idea. Casa de Tamales is just a block north of where the Milwaukie Farmer’s Market is help May – October.

These senoritas are having fun while they work. I think they were proud that I asked to take their photo. That is my Spanish Omelet being plated.

I don't know how much this omelet weighed but it was humungous. It was filled with onions, red and green peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and cheese. The veggie option is $8.00. You can add pork, chicken or beef for an addtional $2.00. I added pork.

Just in case you couldn't tell how big the omelet was here is a close up. More than half of it was lunch the next day.

A couple of weeks after the restaurant opened there was a review in the Portland Tribune newspaper. The author wrote “The new restaurant’s décor is amusingly weird. A wall of closely hung art ranges from a signed Robert Pack poster to landscape paintings.”

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Saturday in my neighborhood

Or more precisely seen in downtown Milwaukie which is a little less than two miles from my home. I love the doors on this old building.

This is the park next to the library

Darkhorse Comics has grown since it's start back in the mid 80's. They own the rights to the Star Wars merchandise. Darkhorse has several other companies such as an entertainment company that produces movies. Another one of their companies is M Press a more mainstream book publisher. One of my niece's best friends is an editor for M Press. My niece has done some freelance editing work for them and would love to be able to edit for them full time. But there is no position available at this time unless her friend quits which is unlikely because she loves her job. I have read two books published by M Press, Shanghai Diaries and it pre-quel Eternal Strangers. The author of these books lives about 20 miles south of Portland. My niece was the editor for Eternal Strangers.
Darkhorse owns 7 buildings in downtown Milwaukie. The owner was interviewed a couple of years ago in one of the local papers. He said that he has often been asked why he doesn’t move his businesses to a campus environment. His answer was that he is giving back to the community where he grew up. The downtown area has just recently started to undergo some revitalization. There is a condo complex and three new restaurants on Main Street. More on one of the new restaurants in a post tomorrow.

Trust me that there are life sized Star Wars figures on display in that window.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Isla Mujeres - seen around the island, part 2

Cocktail anyone?

Or maybe ice cream?

Barbie moto

Yikes, is Tony's hair on fire?

This was his 5th trip carrying full cases of cerveza.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A great full moon

After three days of intensive rain and horrible evening commute driving conditions I was pleased to have a clear and sunny day here in PDX. As I was approaching my driveway this evening I saw the full moon framed by a tree and had to go back out with my camera to take a photo.